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News Summer 2015
Coupling Series
until 25 July 2015
AC Institute, New York (US)
In Coupling Series, Kok&Deiman tease out the graphical representation of nature found within common garden system models in order to create a playful and ambiguous playground. From perfected depictions of colorful mud to 3D models of growing plants to an absurdly abstract instruction video, the installation comments on utopian ideas of DIY, manipulability, knowledge visualization, and a misplaced sense of control.
AC Institute
Kok&Deiman, Coupling Series
Lawrence Malstaf
17 – 21 July 2015
MiramirO, Sint-Baafsabdij, Gent (B)
Transporter is an installation consisting of two conveyors moving in the opposite direction and a mirror midway moving up and down. The audience chooses this time for a horizontal position and let themselves literally be carried away by the installation. Be prepared for a strange encounter with yourself.
Lawrence Malstaf - Transporter
Lawrence Malstaf, Transporter
Lawrence Malstaf
HYBRID MATTERs production grant
FOLDING will be shown at the HYBRID MATTERs traveling exhibition:
- March 2016 Kunsthal Grenland, Porsgrunn (NO)
- June 2016 Nikolaj Kunsthall, Copenhagen (DK)
- November 2016 Forum Box, Helsinki (FI)
Lawrence Malstaf's proposal FOLDING stems from a research project using side effects in 3D scanning and modeling software to explore the borderline between representation and abstraction. The aim is to accumulate a series of full scale kinetic sculptures based on 3D scans of the exhibition visitors. The kinetic and acoustic dimension in this project will involve breathing: The sculptures will breathe, expand and shrink according to real time breathing patterns of the public in the space. Thus the visitors are reanimating the abstracted models of earlier visitors and create a responsive choir of breathing avatars. A metaphor for the blurring boundaries between animate nature and inanimate simulation and modeling technology.
until 25 October 2015
museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen (NL)
This summer Museum Beelden aan Zee focuses on contemporary Flemish sculpture. The exhibition is a visual spectacle, with work by both established and young, up-and-coming Flemish artists.
museum Beelden aan Zee - Vormidable
Lawrence Malstaf - Conversations
Lawrence Malstaf, Conversations
A new vision of landscapes in Belgian art from 1830 to the present day
with Jacques Charlier
until 20 September 2015
Musée d'Ixelles (B)
This summer, find yourself off the beaten track and explore the unexpected right in the heart of LANDSCAPES of Belgium. An original selection of paintings, prints, photographs, videos and installations dating from 1830 to the present day will take you on a unique journey with a refreshing new vision of our country.
Jacques Charlier
2 July 2015
Armel Opera Festival, Budapest (HU)
5 July 2015
European Capital of Culture 2015, Pilsen (CZ)
"The music feels like an overwhelming encyclopedia of colours that drag you into a whirlpool of sliding tones, perturbing rustling, tender interpunction and banging hysteria... Under all these colours you feel a beautifully thought-out structure which doesn't give up it's secrets easily: actually, you'd like to hear this a second time. Maybe preferably with your eyes closed …” Private View - Annemarie Peeters, De Standaard, 16 mei 2015

'Private View' was awarded the FEDORA - Rolf Liebermann Prize for Opera 2014.
Muziektheater Transparant
Annelies Van Parys
Private View © 33 ⅓ Collective
5de Triënnale
with Lawrence Malstaf
22-23, 29-30 August and
5-6, 12-13 September 2015
Actuele Kunst in ex-jeansatelier De Fenix
Ingelmunstersteenweg 209 – Oostrozebeke (B)
Bozar Electronic Arts Festival 2015
Media Arts exhibition
WYSIWYG? or What You See Is Not What You Get?
Save the date: 8 – 11 October 2015
BOZAR, Brussels (B)
The Media Arts exhibition of ‪#‎BEAF15‬ is featuring -amongst others- works by Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf, Tom Kok & Britt Hatzius, David Bowen, ...
Belgian Electronic Arts Festival 2015
Tom Kok
Britt Hatzius
Lawrence & Vincent Malstaf - Event Horizon
David Bowen
Lawrence & Vincent Malstaf, Event Horizon
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