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Bozar Electronic Arts Festival 2015
WYSIWYG? or What You See Is Not What You Get?!
Media Arts Exhibition
Opening: Thursday 8 October 2015 - 20:00
8 - 18 October 2015
BOZAR, Brussels (B)
Digital or analog? New or old technologies? How does the medium affect the way reality is perceived and represented ? How do we want to perceive reality or how can we? Real and virtual reality, facts and fiction are today inseparable. There are unlimited possibilities for the creation of images. Within the context of art and technology we re-examine the essence of representation and perception, and this by means of creating immersive , interactive and kinetic works. The selected installations approach in different ways the relationships between registration and medium, projection and content, perception and interpretation.
BEAF15 - Media Arts
David Bowen
Art couldn’t be any more in the ‘here and now’ than this installation by David Bowen. Landscape#1 is a realtime streaming of images made by a 3D camera in the Botanical Garden of Meise. The images are built up from more than 250,000 individual pixels and form a 3D model. The colour of the pixels changes from blue to red and green, depending on the distance between the filmed objects and the camera. The change in colour reflects the dynamic of the active three dimensional field and gives the location an artificial tint. In this way the contrast between the natural forms and the digital reproduction of them is brought into focus.
David Bowen
Video 'landscape#1'
David Bowen - landscape#1
Tom Kok & Britt Hatzius
Micro Events
Micro Events consists of a series of filmic experiences which can only be experienced by one participant at a time. The setting consists of a table, a microscope and a small mechanical podium. A soundtrack accompanies
the viewer on his journey through a maze of fragments, remains and broken objects. This installation is the result of a collaboration between two artists who share a fascination for small and what at first sight might appear to be insignificant objects, and an interest in our systems of knowledge production. With this installation they question the authority of scientific classification whilst leaving room for surprise at the small and inexplicable.
Tom Kok
Britt Hatzius
Video 'Micro Events'
Tom Kok & Britt Hatzius - Micro Events
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf
Event Horizon
In a dark room specks of dust are dancing in a ray of light. When you enter the room, you are given a gas mask to put on. With your movements you are contributing to a complex game of silent matter. The work of the Belgian Lawrence Malstaf vacillates between visual art and theatre. His installations and performance art focus on movement, chance, order and chaos. He often creates spaces in which the visitor undergoes a sensory experience. A lot of Malstafs’ projects make use of advanced technology, which is often a source of inspiration as well.
Lawrence Malstaf
Video 'Event Horizon'
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf - Event Horizon
Installations by Zimoun, Wim Janssen & Julien Maire
BEAF15 - Media Arts
Hybrid Futures
Round Table
Thursday 8 October 2015 - 17:00
BOZAR, Brussels (B)
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Predicting the future is difficult, but it is worth analyzing current trends in the field of media arts to predict its impact on the cultural sector. The phenomenon of 'hybrid' artists working with the latest technologies and science and swinging between different disciplines such as; contemporary art, performances, music and theater increasingly affects even the most unplugged of cultural institutions. The growing success of alternative arts organizations, festivals and curators adapting their strategies to these new evolutions will profoundly influence the future of the artistic landscape in Belgium and abroad. Ten short lectures will present how curators, art managers and directors of museums respond to these latest evolutions in the art world. With a Key Note by Ischa Tallieu - Tallieu Art Office.
BEAF15 - Hybrid Futures
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