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Agenda November 2015
Annelies Van Parys
Private View
The opera 'Private View' by Annelies Van Parys, a production by van Muziektheater Transparant is travelling to Berlin, Den Bosch, Bruges en Luxemburg.

'Private View' at Concertgebouw Brugge is (for now) the last performance in Belgium.

29/10 - Deutsche Oper, Berlin (D)
30/10 - Deutsche Oper, Berlin (D)
31/10 - Deutsche Oper, Berlin (D)

5/11 - Novembermusic, Den Bosch (NL)
14/11 - Concertgebouw, Brugge (B)
27/11 - Théâtre National du Luxembourg (L)
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Novembermusic Den Bosch
Concertgebouw Brugge
Théâtre National du Luxembourg
Muziektheater Transparant
Annelies Van Parys
Private View
Lawrence Malstaf
KIKK Festival - Namur (B)
Friday 5 November 2015 at 10:00
Main Room, Place du Théâtre 2, Namur (B)
Lawrence Malstaf will talk about his projects, ways of working, inspiration and motivations ...
KIKK Festival
Lawrence Malstaf
Pieter Laurens Mol
Passage Souterrain
(portraits of the artist and his family)
until 15 December 2015
Galerie Farideh Cadot, Paris (F)
Farideh Cadot presents the second solo-exhibition of Pieter Laurens Mol at her gallery in Paris (F).
Galerie Farideh Cadot
Pieter Laurens Mol
Pieter Laurens Mol - Untitled (Pavonine Self-Portrait), 2004 - 2005
Lawrence Malstaf - Jacques Charlier
Art Without Conditions
until 27 December 2015
Galerie Triangle Bleu, Stavelot (B)
'... Seduced by the generous offer of the Triangle Bleu gallery of curating and presenting an exhibition, Jacques Charlier has made a selection of artists, both young and less young, who in their work remain insensitive to external pressures ... Recommended for lovers of the unexpected.' (Stephen Falk)

Including artworks by:

Lili Dujourie
Peter Downsbrough
Julie Bawin
Antoine Doyen
Lefty Neumann
Lawrence Malstaf
Mieke Teirlinck
Brunhilde De Ridder
Jacques Charlier
Galerie Triangle Bleu
Jacques Charlier
Lawrence Malstaf
Lawrence Malstaf - Sand Bible, 01999
Lawrence Malstaf
Arco Renz/Kobalt Works
20 & 21 November 2015
Dance House, Melbourne (AUS)
Scenography by Lawrence Malstaf for the performance 'solid.states'.
Choreography by Arco Renz.
Dance House
[STUK] solid.states trailer
Lawrence Malstaf
Lawrence Malstaf - scenography for 'solid.states'
David Bowen
Arctic time-lapse
Embassy for Water
November 2015
Paddington Reservoir, Sydney (AUS)
'arctic time-lapse' was recorded October 2011 aboard the “tall ship” Antigua off the arctic islands of Svalbard 9 degrees from the North Pole and will be screened in Embassy for Water, a curated video installation at Paddington Reservoir, Sydney (AUS).
Embassy for Water
David Bowen
arctic time-lapse
David Bowen - arctic time-lapse, 2011
David Bowen
fly revolver
American Gun Show
until 15 November 2015
WORKS, San José (US)
An exhibition of artistic responses at the intersections of free speech, personal liberty, and national identity.

'fly revolver' is based on the activities of a collection of houseflies, this device controls a revolver. The flies live inside an acrylic sphere with a target backdrop. As the flies move and interact inside their home they fly in front of and land on the target.
WORKS San José
David Bowen
fly revolver
David Bowen - fly revolver, 2013
Jacques Charlier
until 3 January 2016
Vanderborght, Brussels (B)
I Belgi. Barbari e Poeti explores and promotes the unclassifiable, coarse, ironic and yet poetic aspects of the works of Belgium’s 20th and 21st century artists. More broadly, it seeks to present the originality and unusualness of Belgian culture and art, so unlike that of its neighbours.
I Belgi. Barbari e Poeti.
Jacques Charlier
Jacques Charlier
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